<p> Domain for those with the surname 'Jakma', particularly those who can
trace their ancestry to the Netherlands (and hence likely related to me, to
within a generation or four). If you're such a person and would like: </p>

<li>a free <i>yourname</i>@jakma.org email address, either forwarded to an
existing email address or else hosted on <a href="http://mail.google.com/">Google

<li>forwarding of @<i>yourname</i>.jakma.org email, redirecting /all/ email
to that domain
<p> (ie <b>everything-and-anything</b>@<i>yourname</i>.jakma.org)
to your <i>yourname</i>@jakma.org address. (Warning: This attracts a *huge*
amount of spam, don't ask for this unless you have excellent anti-spam

<li>Setup of a <i>yourname</i>.jakma.org hostname in DNS, with your choice
of IP or hostname. E.g. directing to a hosting provider, thus allowing
you to run your own web and email services as you wish.</li>


For any of the above, please get in touch with <a

Hosting can be provided, if you don't have your own (web-accessible email,
SFTP access to web-space), however you may be better off with a professional
hoster, such as <a href="https://www.google.com/a/">Google Apps</a> (whom we
use for email).

</p><p> (I can't guarantee how long I can offer this service. However, this
domain has been working for years now and it should continue to for many,
many years to come).


A slightly more interesting <a href="http://www.dishone.st">site</a>
Slashdot <a href="/pics/slashdot-spam.png">advertise spam</a>
The 'new' Mini doesnt deserve the name, should be called a
<a href="http://www.jakma.org/pics/dcp_0251-s.jpg">Maxi</a> instead.

NB: *never* email <a
href="mailto:trap@jakma.org">trap@jakma.org</a>. but harvest it if you
<a href="mailto:trap@dishone.st"><!--.include virtual=""--></a>